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MHV Water Limited

At a Special Meeting of Shareholders held on Wednesday 31st May 2017, shareholders voted in favour as to the merger between Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Ltd & Valetta Irrigation Ltd.

Effective 1st June 2017, the company will now operate as MHV Water Ltd & a new website will be developed in due course.

All relevant contact numbers remain the same.

2017 Information Memorandum

MHV Water Ltd are pleased to offer 122,799 MG Shares.

Opening Date for issue: Monday 16th October 2017

Closing Date for issue: Tuesday 14th November 2017, 4.00pm (unless extended by the Company)

Click on the following link to download a copy of the offer documents:-

Information Memorandum - MG Share Issue (pdf)


Vision Statement:

"To be the leading New Zealand water management organisation committed to supplying an accurately measured flow to all shareholders and through progressive innovation and effective asset management to meet the needs of existing and future shareholders".

To assist shareholders adopt robust environmentally and financially sustainable irrigation practices.

To progressively pursue the maximum use of our water entitlement through : Storage, Trading, Generation, Flexible water delivery and promotion of efficient use.

The Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Scheme delivers water from the Rangitata River via the Rangitata Diversion Race (RDR), and has since 1947.The Scheme was purchased from the Ministry of Works in 1990 and now operates as a farmer owned co-operative employing three Racemen, a General Manager and an Office Administrator.

Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Limited (MHIL) is the largest privately owned irrigation scheme in NZ, delivering water to 33,000 hectares of highly productive land. Today, most farms operate more efficient spray irrigation systems and our flows vary from 28 L/s to 300 L/s to accommodate farmer's requirements.

MHIL is "run of the river scheme", taking a maximum flow of 16.65 cumecs.  Contracted water delivery to shareholder farmers is based on a maximum allocation of 3.5 mm per day. The irrigation starts from the 10th of September and finishes on the 9th of May (242 days). Irrigation restrictions are imposed by Environment Canterbury when the Rangitata and/or Ashburton rivers reach their respective minimum flows. Under the terms of the Water Supply Agreement the farmers are responsible for efficient use of water. Water allocations are controlled by experienced staff who report irrigation deliveries monthly to the MHIL Board. Policies require operators to minimise any risk to the environment.

The strength of Community Irrigation Schemes is the ability to promote irrigator responsibility.

The scheme is progressing a number of enhancement projects. A 6.1M m3 water storage facility is being constructed at Carew. This will provide additional reliability with the ability to store water in low demand periods for use when river restrictions arise. A Telemetry network has been commissioned providing the ability for better monitoring of water flows. Generation projects are being investigated, which would provide for a dual use of the resource and offset the demand that farmers put on electrical supplies. MHIL is also investigating pressure piping opportunities to reduce on farm pumping requirements and conserve water loss in open channels.

Although the scheme layout provides for five discharge points (of which we have both operational and emergency consents) the scheme operates a "NO DISCHARGE POLICY", preferring to only take water that is required to meet irrigation demand. Land use continues to change as a result of efficient use of water. Within the scheme boundary there are approximately 14,000 hectares not contracted. Trading of water is promoted to maximise efficient use.

Rangitata Diversion Race

MHIL - Area Supplied

Contracted Area 32,792 ha


Download Scheme Area (pdf)