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MHV Water Limited

At a Special Meeting of Shareholders held on Wednesday 31st May 2017, shareholders voted in favour as to the merger between Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Ltd & Valetta Irrigation Ltd.

Effective 1st June 2017, the company will now operate as MHV Water Ltd & a new website will be developed in due course.

All relevant contact numbers remain the same.


Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Limited delivers water to 33,000 hectares of highly productive land between the Rangitata and Hinds Rivers.  The scheme was designed for flood irrigation delivering 230 l/s flows to farms.  Today, most farms operate more efficient spary irrigation systems. The scheme is managed by three racemen and a General Manager.  A five member elected Board governs the scheme.

MHIL is a "run of the river scheme", taking a maximum flow of 16.65 cumecs.  Contracted water delivery to shareholder farmers is based on a maximum allocation of 3.5mm per day.  The irrigation season starts from the 10th September and finishes on the 9th May.  Irrigation restrictions are imposed when the Rangitata and/or Ashburton rivers reach their respctive minimum flows.

Carew Storage Pond Scheme

To reduce the effect of low flow restrictions in the Rangitata River, MHIL have decided to construct the Carew Storage Ponds.  The scheme will provide 3 storage ponds with a combined capacity of 6.1 million cubic metres.  the Carew Storage Ponds will supplement the existing scheme by diverting excess water from the main feeder race into the storage ponds and feed water back into the main race when required.


  • Design and Build contract with Rooney Earthmoving Ltd
  • Value $14.9M
  • Funding through equity and bank loan, paid off over 30 years
  • Damwatch providing Engineering design
  • Start date: October 2011
  • End date: March 2015

Carew Storage Pond Statistics

  • 6.1 Million m3 capacity
  • 3 ponds over 150ha
  • Maximum inflow: 9.5 m3/s
  • Maximum outflow: 5.7 m3/s
  • EcoTech HDPE Liner
  • Local NIWA control system, connected back to the MHIL Rubicon SCADA system


  • Storage to increase reliability of the Mayfield Hinds Scheme
  • Scheme may operate independently of ponds
  • Equivalent to 185 m3 per contracted ha
  • Ponds filling in periods of low irrigation demand
  • Ponds serve lower 1/3 of scheme freeing up the restricted allocation to serve top 2/3 of scheme
  • 6.1 million m3 will offset a 20% river restriction for 21 days

 Click on the follow link for a copy of the Carew Storage Farm Project Flyer (pdf)