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On/Off Times

If you wish to shut your water off, notify your Raceman prior to doing so. If you shut water off due to an emergency, notify your Raceman as soon as practicable.

Unless previously arranged: do not start up without your Racemans consent.

Ringing Times

Home: 7.30am - 8.30am, 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Cellphone (weekdays): 8.00am - 5.00pm

No evening or weekend calls except in an emergency.  Leaving a message on the cell phone is probably the quickest way to reach a Raceman if unavailable at the time.


If you wish to shut down due to a heavy rain event, please liaise with your Raceman. Mass shutdowns must be orchestrated by the Racemen to avoid flooding. Turn outs and gates may be required to stay open to control potential road flooding.

Notify your Raceman immediately of any scheme related road flooding.

If you suspect scheme water being somewhere other than it should be, please notify you Raceman.

Water Control

It is every shareholders responsibility to ensure that allocated irrigation water stays within farm boundaries.

No water shall be allowed on roads. Please ensure that border dyke runs and spray irrigators do not put water on roads.

We understand accidents can happen due to clock failures or breakdowns, but please notify your Raceman of any road flooding.

If you share a scheme race with other users and unless previously arranged with your raceman, please ensure that at the end of watering you close any open turnouts or gates and remove boards from weirs.

Farm Races

To ensure the most efficient flow on your property:

  • keep head races clear of grass, clumps of vegetation, debris and silt build-up
  • feed down or spray border dyke sills for even flow over
  • repair leaking sills and gates

Race Management

If your winter maintenance includes trimming hedges or trees, please ensure that any debris that falls into irrigation races is removed prior to scheme startup.(10th September)

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